Why go at it alone when you can go at it together?

Recently I met a wonderful little cycling group through my local bike shop. The bike shop organises local group rides, training clinics and cycling vacations. I was asking where they usually travel to and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out they are organising a group cycling holiday at the beginning of September to Mont Ventoux! So here’s what they do: They put the bikes in a big van, head over there, spend a week exploring the region by bike (eat good food and enjoy the sun too of course:-)) then top off the excursion by ascending the Mont Ventoux from all 3 sides. I was sold! Funny thing is they were so easy when I asked them if I could join their vacation and they just said: ‘It so happens that the group will head to the hills so why don’t you join us tomorrow so you can get to know everyone?’ basically I joined them the next day and we had a lot of fun out there. I was so happy to have met these guys and each single one turned out to be easygoing and welcoming. Big smiles for me all the way.. Only cloud in the sky was my crash halfway through that day, yet I only sustained a couple of flesh-wounds so it still all good. Let the training begin…

Taylor Wiles leads the chase group up Lookout Mountain. Photo: Casey B. Gibson | www.cbgphoto.com

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